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But this year, I’ve noticed another opportunity opening up: credit cards that pay you an absolute shitload of money to sign up.In the olden days, people would sign up for a card for something silly like a t-shirt or a little clock radio.So I used one of those checks to max out the card’s ,000 credit limit, and used the proceeds to pay down a construction loan which had been charging me 7%.

Now it has reached the point where you’d be a fool to sign up for any card offering less than a 0 reward for joining, and some will pay 0-0.As far as I can tell from reading the user agreements, there is no unusual downside to these cards – there is no annual fee and the cash back and benefits are competitive with older cards.Trying to mislead customers like that is a huge FAIL and should be illegal.So I now mutter a few swear words at the bank as I shuttle each of these offers from the mailbox to the document shredder.People have started playing around with high-reward credit cards for fun and profit.

Signing up for them in bulk, scooping the signing bonuses, strategically using the good ones, and cancelling the duds.

Meticulously noting the payment deadlines, I played it carefully and paid it off on time, saving several thousand dollars in interest.

Today, the credit card companies still send similar checks, but they now have much sneakier conditions like “0% APR for one year! Excuse me, but that’s a 3% APR, about the same as my existing home equity line of credit.

() The card came within a week, with an 00 credit line.

Not the biggest account in the world, but still plenty of spending room for my little construction business. You don’t need a human involved to activate a credit card, unless there is a glitch in your account, or some fishy sales pitch coming up. She engaged me in some unnecessary questioning and chitchat: “Welcome to Chase Business Services, my name is Charisse and I do hope I can provide exceptional service for you and blah blah blah may I ask why you decided to choose the Chase Ink Business card?

The only hitch is that the rebate can only be applied to travel purchases booked through Travelocity (air, hotel, car rental).