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The kidnappers told the Massabkis to start thinking of people to call in the US for a ransom.After hours of being held hostage, several violent altercations and a failed attempted rape, the two were able to free themselves.US government employees are forbidden from traveling to those states due to “widespread violent crime.” “We just want other people to know these dangers exist,” Frank Massabki said.

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They are among the hundreds of people targeted by kidnappings in Mexico each year, according to the Overseas Security Advisory Council (OSAC), a bureau of the State Department that addresses international security.Violence is on the rise in Mexico’s central and southern states, a 2018 report from the OSAC found.Various groups have splintered into smaller gangs, which have branched out into different illegal business activities, and the associated violence is spreading across Mexico.” The actual number of kidnappings in Mexico is largely underreported, according to the OSAC, due to the widespread belief among tourists and locals alike that “the police may be involved in the crime or are unable to resolve the situation.” In 2016, there were 771 kidnapping cases in the country involving people connected to the US, according to the OSAC, including citizens, legal permanent residents and other cases in which an extortion call was made to the US, and police (or former law enforcement officials) have been implicated in many of these incidents.Mexico had an estimated 30,000 homicides in 2017, according to a study published by the Justice in Mexico Project at the University of San Diego.Jennifer and Frank Massabki are telling their story to caution other Americans heading to the country.

Cancun and other Mexican vacation cities remain top destinations for US travelers despite several safety warnings in 2017 and early 2018.“Mexico remains a safe country for tourists in general, and has a lower homicide rate per capita than countries such as Brazil, Jamaica or Colombia,” he said.“However, travelers should always do some basic research before choosing a vacation destination and some areas of the country are more dangerous than others.” Jennifer said she still has nightmares about the couple’s ordeal.The attackers put a hood over her husband’s head while they threatened them both.He was able to free himself while the kidnappers were distracted with Jennifer, who attacked one of the men when he attempted to rape her unsuccessfully.When Jennifer and Frank Massabki traveled to Mexico in May 2017, they had recently gotten engaged and were looking for potential locations to host their wedding later that year.