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If you you do not believe, or are not sure that the statements or actions or promises are true.

After all, one of the reasons for trusting is to avoid the need to verify and the attendant costs.

The book provides a horizontal comparison and discussion of these codifications and conventions.After comparing the way they resolve tort and cont ...The definition of a fiduciary is flexible but its roots are quite deep and fixed.If Party A deals with Party B, and Party B can take care of his or her interests, then Party A need not bear fiduciary duties.And yet, intentionally or unintentionally, actions and words by one party may induce baseless or unreasonable trust.

That is especially so if the actions or words are not true but to be true.The meaning of “sales talk” is evaluated in light of the proverb “trust but verify.” Should most, if not all, brokers’ “sales talk” be trusted without verification? And if not, should brokers be imposed with a duty to be trusted?In other words, should brokers be bound by fiduciary duties? In addition, words can be used in different contexts for different purposes, sending different messages, and bringing different results upon which people might act to their benefit or detriment.This statement did not please the Russian president, perhaps because this saying is a Russian expression.The usual reaction to this proverb is a chuckle because it is self-contradictory.The burden of taking care of every contract party would be too great and reduce people’s socially desirable interactions.